Document Typing Services

Do You Need Help with Typing Documents?

In most businesses today it is expected that staff will type their own work on the computers and laptops that they have provided. Few businesses have any staff that are responsible for administration and typing. The demand is not always there for their help and staff are expensive for a business to keep. But without that help staff can find that they are spending time on their typing rather than the task that they are employed to do.

By having someone do typing you can free up a huge amount of time so that staff can be more productive. However, this is often just not possible within the financial constraints that many businesses have. This is why you will want to turn to our online document typing service. We can provide you with highly flexible and accurate help with all of your document typing at a very affordable rate.


How Can Our Document Typing Service Help You?

There are many different typing and transcription services online that will look as though they are offering a very reasonable price for the services that they offer. However many of them will try to use speech to text software when providing document transcription services and use text recognition software to convert handwriting into typed work. Neither of these methods are very accurate and unlikely to provide you with accurate help. Other services simply provide you with cheap freelancers that will barely speak English and are not experienced or equipped to help you.

Our services however only use fully qualified and highly experienced staff that have all of the equipment and software to provide you with the help that you need. They can provide typing from audio recordings and hand written or typed text to a very high level of accuracy. Our experts can handle many issues such as poor recording quality, unusual accents, and difficult hand writing.

Qualified Document Typing Services Online

Professional typing support is not something that just anyone can decide to offer you. It takes equipment, software and of course a huge amount of experience and often formal qualifications. We have a team of highly skilled and proven typists that are carefully selected so that you will always be working with the most appropriate person for your needs. We can handle all forms of typing including specialist areas such as medical typing because our typists are always:

  • Highly experienced at the form of typing that you require
  • Highly qualified with a relevant post graduate degree to ensure full understanding
  • Expert in the software that you require typing in
  • Can provide all typing in the correct format
  • Native level English speaker

The Benefits of Docs Typing with Us

Our virtual typists are available around the clock and can provide you with a very quick turnaround on any typing that you need. We offer some of the highest levels of accuracy that you will find online and all for a price that you can easily afford. Our typing services are totally flexible allowing you to only have people working for you when you require them. In addition to this you also benefit from:

  • No recruitment and hiring related fees
  • Highly experienced and trained staff
  • Ability to type handwritten notes
  • No costs involved in providing equipment, office space and software
  • Limited overheads involved
  • Staff that require limited supervision and instruction
  • Guaranteed delivery on time for all services
  • A full satisfaction guarantee with your typing or your money back

So if you want reliable and very affordable accurate help with typing manuscripts just get in touch with our online services here today for the best virtual staff you will find!