10 Most Funny Transcriptions Lines in History

A person can transcribe many audio files like a podcast, teleseminar, a webinar and much more. These transcribed, typing documents can be used for other purposes and it can also be paid. Transcribing may be the easiest service but it is quite hard because it requires a lot of practice, it isn’t just easy like typing. Interesting is the other side of this job because there are legit funny transcriptions and it has been always there.

funny transcription

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Tips for Awesome Transcription

  • Choose a solo you really love – Nothing is better than listening to what you enjoy.
  • Fast and accurate – You have to be focused because, in slow listening, it cuts and make endless corrections.
  • Clear hearing skills – You must be able to hear clearly and understand what is being said on the audio.
  • Research to find correct spelling – Especially when you think you misheard a word and not really sure about it.
  • Control accuracy – You can type as fast as you want as long as it’s also the level of your accuracy. Or if not:
  • Slow it down – That’s the first step if you have just started in transcribing.
  • Listen, listen, listen – This is the way for you to practice and over some time, you’ll be able to get your flow.

Funny Transcriptions That Will Surely Make You Laugh

  • “The patient was transported to the hospital by swan” (should have been squad)
  • “Man leaves with a diagnosis of Vaginitis”
  • “Eyes and Nose continue to be within normal limits.” (I & O)
  • “Patient was admitted under the care of Dr…
  • “Hi Harry, it’s Danny. I’m calling on behalf of India”
  • “Hi Kelly, Death calling”
  • “Patient had large explosive bowel movements”
  • “ Nose with loss of occasional projection”

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